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We leverage Digital Marketing platforms for targeted advertising. Yes, we still advertise in print but have found that we can deliver a higher ROI using Digital Advertising. Find out more about Digital Marketing platforms below.

Half of all global advertising dollars will be spent online by 2020, matching the worldwide combined "offline" ad spend, such as TV, print ads and billboard posters...

Magna Media


In 2017, Facebook made up 39% of online advertising spend in the U.S., equal to $16.3 billion. Facebook and Google comprise almost 60% of online advertising. $16B was spent on Facebook advertising in the U.S. in 2017 because Facebook advertising works. If your medical practice or clinic is not marketing on Facebook you are missing out on one of the two most significant online platforms. We are experts in Facebook advertising. We know how to find your targeted demographic and past customers online. We create compelling graphics, videos, and ads that generate leads (patients or customers) to your business or practice.



Instagram is owned by Facebook which means that it provides the same, extensive demographic data to marketers. We can target your demographic on Instagram in the same way we do Facebook. Instagram is an important social media platform for businesses that can be represented visually. According to Pew Research, more than one-third of adults in the U.S. are using Instagram..

Google Ads & SEO

Google is the largest digital advertising platform in the U.S. Google can be used for Search Ads (Pay Per Click), Display Ads, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google Ads are an important part of any digital advertising plan. Bradford Marketing understands how to best leverage the Google Ads platform to generate leads to your business or practice with the best ROI. Besides Google Ads, Google is also the most important for Search Engine Optimization. Your website will not be found by potential new patients or customers if the SEO on your website is not implemented correctly and monitored continuously.



Retargeting is to serve an ad on Facebook, or on an affiliate site to previous website visitors to your company or practice website. The second click to go to your website increases the likelihood that the website visitor will convert to a customer or patient.


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